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When you're thinking about college or education after HS, remember this education is to prepare you for a career.

What are my options?

4-year Colleges/Universities

Career Technical Schools



  1. Make a decision that fits within your budget and is in line with your potential future earnings. (If your final decision is college, get as many scholarships as you possibly can to take the financial pressure off your shoulders. Also, think of your financial situation and how this decision could impact your finances over time.)


2. Identify your overall goal and make sure your choice is helping you towards that goal. (What will help you become really clear about the option you wanted was the idea you had for what you wanted your future to look like. For example, If you want to become a daycare teacher and to make this possible you have to go to college and get a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. At first, you were thinking of taking a break from school and just working so that you’d have some money saved for college. But you want to be done with your education as soon as you possibly can, so you decided to just work during your free time while working towards your degree.)

3. Start early and do your research! (Start early so that you don’t end up stuck doing something you don’t want to and or wasting time. Once you’ve considered your personal finances and goals and have done your research, my advice to you is to go with the one you’re most comfortable with overall. If you trust your gut and go with the decision that feels the best for you then you’ll certainly be fine.)

College Checklist