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Are you ready to work?

Complete this job search checklist to see if you’re ready!

Creating your resume

If you want to be set apart from others, then create your resume!

Use this resume template as a guide.

Tips For Writing A Good High School Resume

  • Start early in high school. …
  • Build a functional resume. …
  • Keep it simple. …
  • Use an easy-to-read font and make it look professional. …
  • Use action verbs. …
  • Be consistent and show commitment. …
  • Do not exaggerate. …

The Interview Process

Do your skills, experience, and personality meet the job requirements?

Watch this video to get some interviewing tips.

After the Interview

You will need these documents to begin working:

  • Next line-Government Issued Identification Card (ID)
  • Social Security Card (SS)
  • Birth Certificate (BC)
  • Bank account for direct deposit