• DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative.

      What are my Options?

      Career clusters

      Career Clusters
      Career clusters are a group of occupations that are grouped together because they are similar in skills or knowledge. Click on the link below to learn more about each career cluster, and fill out the Career One Stop Career Clusters sheet while you watch the videos!

      View all Career Clusters!  See jobs within each cluster!  Even more videos about types of jobs!

      What is right for me?

      Are you trying to figure out where to start? Here are some suggestions.

      Assessment surveys

      Take assessments to narrow things down by using the links below.  Make sure to create an account so you can save your results and talk about them with your parents, teachers or mentors.  Remember this is just ONE way to find out about yourself.  They may help you see the “style” of the job, but not necessarily what you’ll be good at.

      • New Futures Career Navigator: This assessment helps you identify your strengths, abilities and likes to narrow down career clusters.
      • My Next Move: This assessment allows you to use what you like and relates it to the world of work. It also helps to look at careers that are similar but require different amounts of education.
      • Jung Personality Test: Determine your personality type. After finishing the assessment above, look up careers.

      Look at specific jobs

      • Click here and find one of the career clusters you want to explore more. Complete the Career One Stop Career Questions worksheet attached here.
      • Talk to and adult and ask questions about their career. Need help coming up with questions? Use these Career Interview Questions.
      • Job-Shadowing is when you learn about a job by following a competent person who has the job.

      Am I ready?

      There are skills, also known as “soft skills”, that you will need no matter what type of career you have. (ex. Being on time) The link below lists job-readiness skills you can practice now.  Ask your teacher to fill this out and compare your answers to your teachers.

      How-To Navigate the Interview Process

      Before the Interview:

      • Learn what to bring to the interview here.
      • Practice with someone you know and video tape it!

      During the Interview:

      After the Interview:


      If you get the job, then it’s time for paperwork. Learn about the W4, I9, and DC4 here.

      If you didn’t get the job, that’s okay, you gained experience. You are not going to land every job for which you apply and interview.