• DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative.

      DC3C’s goal is for all students with disabilities
      to leave high school prepared for DC’s 3Cs: careers, college, and community.


      Did you know there are low-cost and free job training programs in DC? Did you know by completing these programs, you can earn a job certification to enter the workforce? On Thursday, December 2, 2021, students across DC are invited to attend DC3C Next Steps to learn about educational pathways available for future jobs. Next Steps is an annual event during which students with disabilities from DC Charters and DCPS ages 14+ attend to learn about different careers from our volunteer career experts, and local education and training opportunities. We have invited over 5000+ students and over 20 high schools located within the District of Columbia. This year’s event will be 100% virtual and hosted via the vFairs platform.

      DC high school students with disabilities who have either an Individual Education Plans (IEP) or 504 plan and their parents are welcome to attend this free, virtual conference to learn about future careers. To attend, students must be affiliated with RSA as a pre-ETS referral or as a client. Secure your spot today! Space is limited!

      For all questions, go to www.exploredc3c.org or email exploredc3c@specialedcoop.org.

      Click here to apply today!

      Click here to preview the Next Steps vFairs Portal!


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