Parents or adults with significant roles in children’s lives are the most influential people in their career development. It’s a journey for each person and no one path is “correct”.

What’s my Role?

Understand the different phases of career development.

Transition coalition breaks up the phases of career development by grades.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Support your child in developing soft skills they will need for work. You can model these in the community with your child.

My Child’s Future

Helps parents learn about career and educational planning. It is designed to “provide information and tools that you can use to act effectively on behalf of your children.”

Charting the Course

Supporting the Career Development of Youth with Learning Disabilities was designed to help professionals better understand issues related to learning disabilities that are barriers to success in the workplace.

Info brief

This info brief addresses the need for youth to acquire work skills and strategies parents and families can use to work with their youth to develop skills for on the job.