DC3C Activities

Our activities help students develop self-awareness and job-readiness skills.

As a result of working with the Co-op, my students are starting to boost independent productivity.”

Tamas O’Doughda,

ELA Lead Teacher, 7th & 8th Grade

our programs

The DC Special Education Cooperative (Co-op) is an innovative and collaborative hub of tested, curated, and shared solutions for special education. The Co-op is a preeminent source for those who want to ELEVATE the way they serve students with disabilities. Since 1998, The Co-op has been developing and delivering innovative programs centered around the needs of students with disabilities and the educators that serve them.
Our programs are designed to cultivate professionals committed to the best outcomes for students with disabilities. These same programs are structured to bring together schools and community members to share ideas, leverage resources, and build capacity.

Our Activities