• DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative.

      Career Clusters

      Career clusters are a group of occupations that are grouped together because they are similar in skills or knowledge.

      Once you have learned more about each of the clusters that interest you. Take some time and fill out the Careers: One Stop Career Clusters Form


      The production of plants, animals and food.  Jobs in this field range from working in a laboratory to working outside with your hands.

      Architecture and Construction

      People with jobs in this field work on buildings and other structures such as highways, bridges, and houses. You might create the plans, or manage the workers.  Some workers do skilled trades like carpentry, painting, electrical or plumbing.

      Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications

      Individuals here often use creativity and their talent on the job.  You might work in front of an audience as a performer, or behind the scenes such as set designers, editors, broadcast technicians, graphic designer or film editor.

      Business Management and Administration

      The range of jobs in this field include evaluating business functions for effective operation.  It might include training new employees, or being the top executive at a company.

      Education and Training

      Individuals in education and training guide and train people.  They interact with others from infants to adults in settings that might include in the classroom, as a coach, at a university in not only teaching, but also as a principal or support administrator.


      People who work with numbers and keep track of money, as well as create budgets for individuals or larger companies.

      Government and Public Administration

      Government jobs can be held at the federal, state, or local levels.

      Health Science

      These individuals save lives or dramatically improve the quality of life for others. They keep record of treatments and vaccinations. They assist people with a wide range of problems from victims of trauma to terminally ill or those in need of recovery, to caring for our teeth.

      Hospitality and Tourism

      These jobs come with specialized training for the field within the company you’re working. You can work for a hotel as the janitor, cleaning staff, bakers, staff working in a casino, waterparks, amusement parks, hotel clerk, waiter, fast food manager.

      Human Services

      Individuals work with other people and provide services that include caring for children or comforting grieving families. These people work closely with others to provide support that other individuals might need and in the process must connect with others as well as invest their emotional time into that person/those people

      Information Technology

      These people work with computers and technology in a wide variety of settings. Jobs may include technical support or development.

      Law, Public Safety, and Corrections

      These people protect our personal safety, legal rights, material goods, cities, roads, and homes. This line of work often involved taking risks and being put into harm’s way.


      These individuals are involved in making products that the rest of the country needs. There are several jobs within this field that include running machines that make the products or even designing the machine that will make the machines.

      Marketing, Sales, and Service

      People who sell a product. Where there is something to buy, there needs to be someone to market and sell it. Sales people can work for themselves or as an agent and can receive a commission for the product they sold.

      Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

      This field deals with problems solving skills and looks to improve daily life or function. Jobs may range from working on refrigerators to navigating space.

      Transportation and Logistics

      In today’s fast paced life style people are needed to help individuals get from one place to another in a safe and efficient manner. Transportation can take form on land, in the water or in the sky.