• DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative.

      Often times employers are hesitant to hire someone with a disability.

      Coming in February

      • Hear what a former student has to say about their experience with DC3C programming and what they are doing now.
      • Get a first hand opinion from an employer. An interview from an employer who has hired a person with a disability.

      Still looking for ideas and strategies?

      The Job Accommodation Network has great resources organized for employers and employees on possible accommodations.  Check them out https://askjan.org/

      Contact David Fridie with your concern and he can help link you to other specific resources.  dfridie@specialedcoop.org

      Links and contacts to help you learn more
      Worried about how to make the organization more inclusive

      Contact Sylvia Bailey-Charles Business Relations Specialist with the DC Department on Disability Services at 202-503-7891 sylvia.bailey-charles@dc.gov and Schedule a Disability Awareness and Inclusiveness training session for your entire organization.