• DC3C is a program of the DC Special Education Cooperative.


      Individuals with disabilities provide a vary viable option to fill high turnover positions

      Turnover Rate


      Average cost per hire for a 30k or less job

      In some industries, individuals with disabilities stay on the job

      4.5 months longer

      Got a high turnover rate for lower level positions?

      • Hiring employees with disabilities that just want the chance to prove themselves can prevent the hassle of constantly having to hire for the same position. Many supported employment situations last for decades in positions that otherwise experience considerable turnover.
      • Bersin by Deloitte estimates the national average cost per hire, regardless of talent acquisition maturity, is $4,000. This ranges from $3,033 in healthcare to $5,611 for manufacturing jobs. However, cost per hire will vary dramatically from one business to another depending on the variety and volume of skills sought, and the approach used to recruit quality hires. The best cost per hire benchmark data for talent acquisition leaders will be internal, year over year changes in cost per hire that come from consistent measurement.

      Cost per hire benchmarks

      How do you know if your cost per hire is high, low, or average? You can compare your costs against available benchmarks.

      Industry benchmarks

      • $4129: according to SHRM
      • $4000: according to Bersin
      • $3400: cost for an entry-level employee
      • 16% of annual salary: cost for a 30K or less job
      • 20% of annual salary: cost for a 75K or more job
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      Worried about how to make the organization more inclusive

      Contact Sylvia Bailey-Charles Business Relations Specialist with the DC Department on Disability Services at 202-503-7891 sylvia.bailey-charles@dc.gov and Schedule a Disability Awareness and Inclusiveness training session for your entire organization.